PROSIM überzeugt auch im Akademischen mit dem System Engineering Preis der GfSE

PROSIM also convinces academically with the System Engineering Award of GfSE

Our co-founder Fabian Rang has already won first place for his master thesis, which is groundbreaking for today's company PROSIM, at the German-wide competition of the Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering (GfSE) in 2019 for his outstanding performance. 

The thesis deals with the AI-based optimization of distributed power plants with respect to their environmental impact and costs and presents new findings in the field of the application of methods and techniques in machine learning. 

The expertise that flows into the start-up is not only award-winning, but also proven in the market economy with Siemens AG. The development of the simulation solution on which PROSIM is based is therefore scientifically and commercially relevant.  

Fabian Rang is also able to offer solutions for customers that go beyond the state of the art, among other things due to his ongoing doctorate at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Innovation and foresight are combined with sound knowledge and expertise. 

PROSIM benefits from this innovative thinking and is committed to continue working closely with research in order to guarantee our customers an advanced product. 

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  1. Brenda Rocha

    Really amazing! Congratulations Fabian !

  2. Pascal Winner

    Sick Dude!

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